Another great view



Another great view

Earlier in the article, I alluded to the challenge of degrading the img tag gracefully in unsupported browsers. This was another problem in creating Picturefill 2.0. Because it is a polyfill, the concept of unsupported browsers doesn’t really exist (kind of) — we’re using JavaScript to force it to work.

The edge case is this: If a browser doesn’t natively support picture or srcset and has JavaScript turned off, then you’ll get a frowny face. I can already feel your eyes rolling, but knowing the limitations of a system is important before you rely on it on a large scale. If a user were to come across a Picturefill’ed image in an unsupported browser with JavaScript turned off, they would see the image’s alt text — a nice little way to reinforce the importance of descriptive and meaningful alt text, isn’t it?

Alternative text is the fallback because the previous

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